About STM Life

STM Life Assurance PCC Plc ("STM Life") is a company incorporated in Gibraltar under the provisions of the Gibraltar Companies Act and whose registered office is situated at Montagu Pavilion, 8-10 Queensway, Gibraltar, with incorporation number 100244 and is licensed by the Commissioner of Insurance under the Insurance Companies Act (which incorporates the provisions of the EU’s Third Life Insurance Directive) to carry out assurance business in Gibraltar. STM Life meets the capital and solvency rules laid down by the directive. The Company is subject to continuous regulation by the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission.

STM Life Assurance PCC Plc ("STM Life") is structured as a Protected Cell Company (a "PCC") subject to the provisions of Gibraltar's Protected Cell Companies Act 2001. This means that STM Life may create legally recognised "cells" within the company in order to segregate and protect each policyholder's assets. Each cell has its own designation (the policy number) and it is the duty of the Directors to keep the assets and liabilities of each cell separate and therefore accounted for separately. The legislation prohibits the assets of a cell to be used to satisfy any liability not attributable to that cell.


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STM Life Solvency and Financial Condition Report (SFCR) 2020

STM Life SFCR Appendices 2020